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Welcome to the Blanchard Family History Society

Who are we? Originally formed as the Blanc/shard Family History Society in April 1996, the Society exists to gather and promote the sharing of information regarding the Blanchard and Blanshard families (and all other variants).

Since that inaugural meeting we have grown from a small informal network exchanging limited information to a thriving, well-established Society with a large membership and many resources. We have an award-winning Journal, 'AdversariA', issued to members quarterly. We have generated a number of databases and indexes covering various sources, and other on-going projects to extract further information for the use of all our members. Check out our Regional Map to see the locations of our known Blanchard families with details of the oldest member of each tree.

Do you have a Blanc/shard query? Go to the Visitor Forum to post your question and one of our members will respond.

You are welcome to join us. The biggest benefit of belonging to the Blanchard FHS is that members are immediately part of a network of like minded individuals. The society encourages members to submit their 'trees' and work together to link them up and extend our knowledge base.

Members also have access via the Gateway to the Members-Only area of this website. There is a members-only forum where discussion might include a specific tree, individual or, as currently, aspects of our DNA study. There is also full access to our archives where we hold all our research data and indexes to information sources - over 40,000 references to Blanc/shards!

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