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John Blanchard of Sydenham KEN died 1801,carpenter KENT001  Charles Blanchard  of Dover KEN died before 1810 KENT002  Henry Burton Blanchard of Maidstone KEN, gentleman d 1849 KENT003  Thomas Blanchard, b c 1777, m Susannah Barber 8 February 1807 St Nicholas, Deptford, 1777 Occupation: 1807 Soldier, Baker(1813) Carpenter(1827) d September 1827 in Church Court Greenwich. KENT004 
George Blanchard b c 1778  m Elizabeth ? c 1805 Greenwich  Occupation: Mariner bur 27 July 1838 St Nicholas Deptford KENT005
John Blanchard, m Ann, died c 1651 Ropley HAMT003 William Blanchard b 1708 Ringwood HAMT002 George Newman Blanchard b 1820 Portsea HAM m Harriet Barkham, d Greenwich LND 1870, linen draper HAMT004 John Blanchard b c 1755 Fawley HAM, m Mary Groves, d 1821 Fawley HAMT005 Thomas Blanchard b Goodworth Clatford HAM c 1590, d Massachusetts USA 1654 HAMT001 John Blanchard b 1761 Wherwell HAM, 
d. Wherwell HAM 1847, Occupation: carpenter HAMT006 John James Blanchard b. Cowes IOW m Lucy Lived in Kingston LON in 1891  HAMT007 Edward Blanchard b.1862 Hampshire Holybourne m Ruth lived Kingston LON in 1891  HAMT008  Robert Blanchel b: Abt. 1620 Flanders or Chippenham WILT001
 William Blanchard b: Abt. 1826 Batheaston, wife Anna  WILT002 John Blanchard b: Chippenham c 1795 m Grace Green 16 April 1816 Wanstrow SOM  WILT003
 William Blanchard m Mary Naish 03 June 1816 St. James, Trowbridge WILT005
Samuel Blanchard m Elizabeth died 1 December 1814 Trowbridge WIL - no known descendents WILT011  George Blanchard d 1659 Great Bedwin WIL, taylor WILT006
 Henry Blanchard d 1686 Dinton WIL WILT007
 John Blanchard d 1611  Bradford WIL, gentleman WILT008
 Robert Blanchard d 1515 of the Devyse WIL WILT009
 Thomas Blanchard d 1689,  Corsham, gentleman WILT010
 William Blanchard born 1794 Salisbury Wilts Hotel Waiter WILT012
 John Blanchard bap: 1740 m Mary Mitchell April 1765 Blandford d: March 1829 in Blandford, Dorset DORT001
 George Blanchard b: aft. 1760 England DORT002
 James Blanchard m Jane Rabbits 24 July 1784 Sixpenny Handley bur: 23 January 1839 Handley DORT3
 Stephen Blanchard b c 1695 Melbury Abbas, Dorset m Mary Hazzard 9 May 1718 Donhead St. Mary DORT004
Isaac Blanchard b: 1774 Holt, Dorset m Hannah Lanham 1799 Bishopstone DORT005  James Blanchard b: Abt. 1812 Penzance m: Sarah Hollow 01 March 1835 St. Ives d: 23 March 1878 in Mile End Old Town CORT001
 John Blanchard b c 1587 children baptized at Halton Holegate LINT001
 Thomas Blancher b c 1672 m Mary Johnson 13 Jan 1694/5 Middle Rasen Drax d Middle Rasen 1748 (aged 76 according to burial record) LINT002/3
Jno  Blanchard m Elizabeth Lings 1762 Great Limber, Lincs d c 1770 Great Limber LINT004  Thomas Blanchard m c  1728 ?Eleanor first child baptized 1728 Rothwell LINT005
 John Blanchard m Ales Heave 4 May 1701 Brinkhill, Lincs d.Toynton All Saints, LINT006
 John King Blanchard b c 1798 m Mary Hubbert 18 Mar 1819 Sibsey, Lincs  bur 8 Aug  1865 Freiston, LINT007
 Martin Blanchard m Elizabeth first child  baptised 1735 at Goulceby  LINT008
 Gilbert Blanchard b Louth, Lincs 1520, d Louth 1587  William Blanchard bap 29 Aug 1631 m Frances Shipton 21 May 1657 Londesborough. bur 12 Jun 1692 Londesborough  YKST001
 William Blanshard m Mary Winders 3 September 1734 Hemingborough bur Wressle 1781 YKST002 
Tabitha Blanshard m Abraham Hairsine 1756 Hemingborough YKST019 
William Blanchard b Loftsome, Yorks m Mary Winders Hemingborough 3 Sep 1734 YKST009
 George Blanchard  m Sarah c 1663 bur 02 May 1685 Bubwith, Yorks YKST003 
George Blanshard bap 13 Sep 1726 Bubwith Yorks bur 28 Apr 1803 Spaldington m Mary Fotherby bap 24 Mar 1729/30 Holme on Spalding Moor YKST011
 John Blanchard b York c 1717 m Mary Atkinson St Peter, St Michael le Belfrey, York  10 Aug 1745 bur St Michael le Belfrey 11 Jun 1770 YKST004 
Robert Blanchard bap 2 Oct 1774 Spurriergate, York d 2 May 1841 in St George Walmgate m Elizabeth Roberts 15 Jul 1796 Spurriergate York YKST007

 Mary Blanshard b c 1840 YKST010 
Tom Blanchard b Howden Yorks 20 Nov 1860 d 1 Apr 1890 bur Leeds m Mary Jane Moverley YKST005 
Francis Blanshard bur 8 Aug 1626 eldest child married in Howden YKST013
 William Blanchard m Phillis Pinder November 1738 Beverley Yorks bur Dec 1749 Beverley YKST006
 Dan Blanchard b c 1830 Barmby on the Moor bur 29 Oct 1873 Loudeborough Road Cemetery, m Ann Brough Green 6 Jul 1852 Market Weighton YKST012
 Thomas  Blanshard bur 12 Jun 1735  Bulmer m Sarah Birr 1725 Bulmer YKST015
 John Blanchard b c 1690 eldest child bap 1712 Rainton YKST016
 Richard Blanshard b c 1760 eldest child bap 1783 Bridlington YKST017
 John Blanchard m Margaret Botterill 10 Dec 1798 St Mary Kingston-upon-Hull YKST018 
Peter Wright Blanshard bap 17 Jul 1791 m Sarah Anderson26 Dec 1825 eldest child b Hull

 William Blanshard b c 1760 eldest child b 1789 Wakefleet YKST020  Richard Hardy Blanshard b c 1820 eldest child b Seacroft YKST008  Thomas  Blanshard  b c 1753, m Dorothy Lowry 6 January 1782 St Andrews Newcastle, d 19 June 1833 in Newburn NBL001  John Blanchard  bap 30 September 1821 Fazackerley, m Alice Formby 
 d 17 September 1885 Ince Blundell LAN001  Robert Moore Blanchard bap 17 December 1788 m Ely Empringham d 8 Jul 1868 Rugby WAR001  Thomas Blanched bap: Abt. 1697 eldest child bap: July 1720 Farnham, Surrey SRY001
 Jean Blanchard, silk weaver died 1718 leading to John Edward Blanchard b 1797, m Mary Lorimer 1822 St Pancras Old Church bur 11 Oct 1827 Marylebone LONT001
 Elizabeth Blanshard m John Miller c 1834 son baptized Stepney  LONT002  William Blanchett b c 1778 St Lukes Clerkenwell, m Ann Maria Barker 27 Nov 1808 St John the Baptist, Clerkenwell LONT003
Richard Blanchard chapman of Whitechapel LON died Greenwich Hospital 1785 LONT004 
Charles Blanchard born 1800 Fulham bricklayer
Thomas Blanchard born 1819 Fulham waterman 
John Blanchard born c.1750 coachman m Eleanor Hastings lived Stepney/St George in the East d. before 1841 
George Blanchard born 1809 Marylebone gold beater m Harriett 
Henry Lewis Blanchard b abt 1800 Lambeth Surrey music master m. Rebecca 
Thomas Blanchard born 1791 Middlesex St Martin comedian 
William Blanchard born 1787 Blackfriars printer  

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